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Quality of Product

Anyone who has ever experienced our decades-old family recipes will attest to the simple goodness of a Classic Cookie®. It all started over thirty years ago in the kitchen of Joey and Sharon Mannon. With a twenty quart mixer and a grocery list, the Mannons made it their mission to formulate the perfect cookie. Today, twenty quart mixers have been replaced with 900lb mixers and the small family kitchen has transformed into a state of the art facility. Our strong commitment to quality remains constant. Classic Cookie® will never compromise quality for any cost. 

Cookie Dough - Compare Classic Cookie® cookie dough to the competition and you will see and taste the difference. It all starts with our quality brand ingredients. We use top brands such as General Mills Flour, Quaker Oats, Mother Murphy's Pure Vanilla, Hershey Chocolate Chips. M & M's, Reese's, Sunkist Raisins, etc. Also, our cookie dough contains at least 10% more chips than that of most of our competitors. To top  it off, all of our cookie dough products are kosher and trans-fat free!


Each pre-portioned box yields 40 - 1 oz. cookies and keeps for one year frozen.

Poppin Popcorn™, - Our popcorn is healthy,  air-popped, gluten free, trans-fat free, and we use 100% grain, no high fructose corn syrup and no added preservatives. The popcorn comes in 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon resealable bags and many different flavors to choose from. 

Boston's Best™, Coffee - Takes pride in consistently bringing valued customers an excellent cup of coffee. Each batch is carefully crafted, allowing to say with confidence that you will enjoy each and every cup of their award-winning coffee. 

Quality of Service

What good is a quality product without the support of superior service? We recognize the important role that customer service plays, especially in the fundraising industry. Most of our customers are volunteers, teachers coaches or directors. Although fundraising is necessary to the success of their organizations, it is not something that they do all the time. Therefore, we are dedicated to assisting our customers through every step of the fundraising process. Regardless of which stage of the fundraising process you may be, we are there to help. 

Shop and Compare - During this stage, you are shopping companies and comparing each company's products and programs. We will assist you during this stage by providing you with information and product samples and will be happy to meet with you or your group and answer any questions that you may have. 

Form delivery and Kick-off - Once you decide to use us, we will provide your organization with prepackaged fundraising brochures

Tallying and Ordering - No need to worry about tallying your orders - we do it all! All you do is verify your funds and send us the order forms (top, white copy only) in the return envelope provided. We want your fundraiser to be the easiest fundraiser ever!

Delivery - We pride ourselves on our outstanding delivery service. We actually will arrive 1 hour earlier than your scheduled pick-up time, help set up and stay until the delivery is over (if 200 items are sold). The products arrive on our truck and are unloaded by our people. We do ask that you have a few volunteers to assist our drivers. Our delivery provides your group with unparalleled service and support. 

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